Please, Read Past The Headline!

Ban the log burner

Please rest assured, log burners are NOT going to be banned!

If you read past the glaring headlines, you'll see the real news is not about banning log burners, it's about encouraging the use of well seasoned wood and efficient log burners and multi-fuel stoves.

After all, most modern stoves read more....Click HERE

Caring for your stove and fireplace. Fuels.

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We stock a variety of fuels in the shop, including locally produced logs, kindling and charcoal, as well as other solid fuels purchased elsewhere, where a local source cannot be found.

We try to keep our fuels plastic wrapping free, by boxing up from wooden crates into re-used cardboard boxes, but inevtiably, some customers wish to buy plastic wrapped goods so there are some of those too. One day perhaps, it'll all be plastic free. We've at least persuaded one of our major stove suppliers to cut back drastically on their use of plastic wrapping coming into Whitstable.

Locally produced charcoal.
Locally produced charcoal. Sustainably sourced wood from local woods and forests. This helps in a small way to reduce the clearing of vital mangrove swamp and rain forest, helping wildlife to have a home.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop.


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