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Please, Read Past The Headline!

Ban the log burner

Please rest assured, log burners are NOT going to be banned!

Read what the Stove Industry Alliance has to say about this. Click HERE.

If you read past the glaring headlines, you'll see the real news is not about banning log burners, it's about encouraging the use of well seasoned wood and efficient log burners and multi-fuel stoves.

After all, most modern stoves

Woodsure Ready to Burn.

Caring for your stove and fireplace. Fuels.

We stock a variety of fuels in the shop, including sustainably produced - in Kent - charcoal, fragrant olive logs (which will fit into the smallest stove and which burn long and hot) and Woodsure Approved, "Ready to Burn" hardwood logs.

Woodsure Ready to Burn.

Locally produced charcoal.
Locally produced charcoal. Sustainably sourced wood from local woods and forests. This helps in a small way to reduce the clearing of vital mangrove swamp and rain forest, helping wildlife to have a home.
Sustainbly produced olive logs.
Sustainably sourced olive wood logs with low moisture content, helping to look after the environment. These burn hotter and longer than the comparably sized kiln dried log.
Sustainably produced kindling.
Kiln dried hardwood kindling. Sustainably sourced kiln-dried kindling with low moisture content, helping to look after the environment.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop.


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