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Please, Read Past The Headline!

Ban the log burner

Please rest assured, log burners are NOT going to be banned!

Read what the Stove Industry Alliance has to say about this. Click HERE.

If you read past the glaring headlines, you'll see the real news is not about banning log burners, it's about encouraging the use of well seasoned wood and efficient log burners and multi-fuel stoves.

After all, most modern stoves

Woodsure Ready to Burn.

Hearths, mantels and fire surrounds.


Anevay Pioneer Stove.
Hearths can be chosen from various stock shapes and sizes, or you can specify an alternative.
Various granite samples
Some of our range of granites for hearths.
A small selection of limestones.
Westmorland Green Slate.
Westmorland Green Slate is mined in the Lake District. A superior strength slate and very hard.
A small selection of marble.

We stock a small selection of hearths and can call on a variety of suppliers to get exactly what you want. Various shapes and sizes are available, bespoke too, so let your imagination run wild. We can get circles, truncated circles, teardrops, quadrants, squares or oblongs from suppliers within a few days, or more bizarre shapes within a few more.

We also keep a small display stock of oak and pine mantel beams, non-combustible 'faux oak' beams, bio-ethanol stoves (needing no flue), enamelled stoves and many other products.

Come see our Aladdin's Cave.

Marble and limestone fire surrounds.
Marble and limestone fire surrounds.
Some of our range of faux oak beams.
Some of our range of faux oak beams.
Some of our range of faux oak beams.
Some of our range of faux oak beams.


We look forward to seeing you in the shop.


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