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Dunsley Highlander 8 Solo


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The Highlander-8 can be supplied with either single or double front doors, as a Highlander-8 Solo, or. Highlander-8. Top flue connection only.

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Now available as a Highlander-8-Solo the new single door model and as the standard two door options. The Highlander-8 has a wide door opening and large fire bed capacity, enables you to load the fire box with good sized logs of up to 460mm or 18" length.

 The Highlander-8s are fitted with a fully integral boiler for central heating and domestic hot water as well as providing heat into the room.

The Highlander-8's have a built in thermostat which automatically monitors the central heating temperature and controls the incoming air to regulate how the fire burns to meet the central heating requirements.

The Highlander-8 can be supplied with an external air intake pipe which is fitted to the air box underneath the stove, this allows combustion air to be taken from outside the building. If this method is used no extra air vents into the room is required.

The Highlander-8s have multifuel grate bars as standard and can be supplied with brass, black or polished steel knobs, and finished in black metallic matt paint.

The highlander-8 has an air wash system designed to keep the glass clean by diverting a warm flow of air directly over the surface of the glass. Each door has its own primary air controls. This controls the amount of fuel being burnt and can also be closed down for overnight burning of fossil fuels.

With a heat output of 7 - 8 kW maximum the Highlander-8 will heat a medium to large room.

The grate mechanism can be adjusted for burning wood or other solid fuels including: peat, coal and coal briquettes.

Using the correct rate of burning efficiencies of up to 78% on wood logs and 75% on ancit can be obtained.


Please note - the Highlander central heating models are only available with top flue connection and have straight legs.

  • Product Length 385 mm
  • Product Width 605 mm
  • Product Height 630 mm
  • Heat Output 8 kw